About TRACC Community

TRACC Community is an interactive online forum where industry insiders and improvement professionals can see and discuss best practice examples of what good looks like. This visually-driven forum gives members the opportunity to:

  • SEE photographed examples of best practice in action

  • DISCUSS implementation ideas with closed groups and success stories with the entire community

  • SHARE and RECEIVE tips and tools for enhanced TRACC implementation and business performance improvement

  • ASK for expert advice about business performance improvement in specific industries and functional areas

  • PARTICIPATE in live discussions with industry peers across the world, in 14 languages

  • BENCHMARK your organisation’s system for improvement with others in your industry using the TRACC Integrative Improvement System Diagnostic (iiSd)

Loyalty Points

You earn loyalty points every time you make a submission, share knowledge with a colleague, or interact with other members of the TRACC Community. As you reach target levels, your profile automatically upgrades … the more you contribute, the more esteemed your profile becomes.

Badge   Point requirements


  0-499 points

  Casual User

  500-2999 points



  Top User



  Top Contributor

  10 000+

Once a year, the TRACC Community awards the top 10 contributing members with a complimentary delegate place at an upcoming TRACC Event of their choice (excluding travel and expenses).

TRACC Community contributions are weighted according to value-adding content:

Contribution Type Points0

  Logging on, and exploring the site


  Inviting a colleague to join TRACC Community


  Marking an item as "favourite"


  Following another member


  Participating in an existing discussion


  Recommending a resource to a colleague


  A colleague accepts your invitation to join


  Asking a Question


  Starting a discussion


  Answering a Question


  Successful visual studio submission


To access your current TRACC Community points, simply click on your TRACC Community badge. You’ll see your total accumulated points, your accumulated points for the year, and your position in the running for a free TRACC Event delegate place. You’ll also get tips on how to increase your points through your contributions.

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